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Problem fixed I had a problem concerning a possible e-mail hack. The problem was addressed quickly and effectively.

Steven E. Avatar
Steven E.

Great help solved the issue.

Steve L. Avatar
Steve L.

Monitoring Service Support is outstanding. I have experienced a variety of issues and the response to issues have been fast and have consistently resulted in resolution of the issue(s). In addition, the monitoring service has resulted in proactive resolution of potential issues.

Chuck R. Avatar
Chuck R.

My phone stopped recognizing my sd card where it stored my photos and videos. The card was corrupt. Brian was able to recover nearly all of the content on the card and restored it all onto a new card. His service was professional and he was considerate of the inconvenience of being without a phone while he assessed the situation and backed up my phone. The cost was reasonable. I would definitely call Brian again and I recommend him.

Kymberlie G. Avatar
Kymberlie G.

Brian did a great job! SD card in phone had a problem, and lost all of my wife's pictures of the kids and our family vacation, and Brian was able to recover almost everything. Many thousands of pictures, and she was greatly relieved.

Patrick S. Avatar
Patrick S.

You are the best!!!!!!!

Sandy T. Avatar
Sandy T.

Superb service as usual from Brian, timely, knowledgeable and solves the most vexing problems!

Colin G. Avatar
Colin G.

Always helpful! As always, Brian is helpful, gets the problem solved and does it with such a calm and pleasant manner!

Kim M. Avatar
Kim M.

5 Star Experience I contracted this firm regarding the security of my two businesses. Both deal with online websites which need to be locked down and secured. I am also in the technology industry and am used to dealing with support from different vendors. Brian was a class act and at the end of our remote session I felt much more confident in my networks and the security measures/ best practices we currently have implemented. Thank You Brian for all you do.

Scott S. Avatar
Scott S.

Brian is great! When he was with another company and they closed their doors, I was sad. Not anymore! I stalked him on the internet until I found him again and now my computer is happy again. And so am I. Thank you for your great service!

Pamela D. Avatar
Pamela D.

Prompt and effective, as usual. Thanks Brian

Chuck R. Avatar
Chuck R.

Best Help Ever! Brian always solves our technology problems in a timely manner! Always so calm and patient which is so appreciated when you are frustrated with technology. So appreciate his great work ethic!

Kim M. Avatar
Kim M.

Best help ever! Brian is knowledgeable and trustworthy in handing issues on my computer. Problems are always resolved in a timely manner.

Kim M. Avatar
Kim M.

Brian is the absolute best computer technician my business has ever experienced. He is a computer genius. I have been in business 17 years and can fix anything !

Dominique M. Avatar
Dominique M.

Great knowledge of computers (anything tech related, Brian is a whiz) fast and accurate service!

Chris R. Avatar
Chris R.

Great Help! Brian always makes sure that our IT issues are resolved in a timely manner. He is helpful, courteous and knowledgeable!!

Kim M. Avatar
Kim M.

Excellent IT work Knowledgeable, approachable, accountable, easy to talk to. Brian knows his stuff and his experience was extremely valuable when setting up network and production elements at our church.

Eric b. Avatar
Eric b.
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